Saturday 12 September 2015

News: Witches, Witch Hunts, History, Archaeology

"Former witch ‘death house’ on market for £1.5m" - story at The Scotsman:

"Mansion where hundreds of witches spent their last night before being put to death goes on sale for £1.5million" - more pictures relating to the same story at Mail Online:

"Bizarre burial of the 'witch' of Tiree: 6,000-year-old deformed skeleton in unusual grave is the earliest case of rickets found in UK" - story at Mail Online: ""

"Witchcraft shop owner protests after PayPal bans flying ointment ‘drugs’" story at the Mirror:

"Witch Trial victim Giles Corey's headstone toppled" - story at The Salem News:

"Witch-hunting still rife in Sonitpur" story at The Assam Tribune:

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