Friday 20 November 2015

News: Witch Hunts and Persecution in History and Now

Here is a round-up of recent news stories about historic witch trials and also modern day examples of persecution:

"Scottish evangelists identify Paganism as one of the “biggest threats to Western civilisation” - story at the National Secular Society:

"The Last Witch Hunter: why modern visions of witches don’t conjure up reality" - story at The Conversation:

"Skeleton of Burnt 'Witch Girl' Found in Italy" - story at

"The Newcastle witch trials of 1650 which saw 15 executed on Town Moor" - story at Chronicle Live:

"Why the Suffolk witch trials are relevant as ever" - story at Ipswich Star:

"Why Do Witch Hunts Still Happen?" - story at

The picture shows a poster for the film The Last Witch Hunter, copyright Lionsgate Entertainment.

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