Tuesday 15 December 2015

Occultists: A Crowdfunding Project for Occult Music

Fancy a break from the ubiquitous Christmas songs being played all over the place at this time of year? Here are details of a crowdfunding project from the wonderfully named James Demon for a record label that fuses together elements of occultism and esoteric knowledge with a love for electronic music.

You can pre-order the vinyl or digital release through the crowdfunding campaign that features a video shot in a forest in Berlin. The first artist, Dugong, is a Montreal-based producer and vocalist. The vinyl release is set to be a limited edition release with vinyl-only remixes and an extended digital release to follow shortly after.

James said: "I have remixes being made from 4 strong ladies in electronic music, which you can read more about in the press release."

And here is the press release:
Emerging from the darkness we’ve found the light, a conscious and spiritual movement of esoteric knowledge and techno beats. We are Occultists and we are here to spread ancient teachings through dance, music, culture and magic. Occultists is a techno brand created by James Demon, who always dreamed as a young child of the night to merge his love for the occult and techno into one entity in the form of a record label.

Searching out artists far and wide that matched with his vision he was to stumble upon Montreal based producer and vocalist Dugong. He instantly fell in love with her one of kind style of dark minimalistic beats with spiritually in-depth lyrics that speak to the audience and capture them in its spell. Mixing elements of gothic and techno together into a brand of witch techno that will undeniably be dance floor music for the Occultist in all of us.

Now aiming to launch in 2016 with a limited vinyl pressing of two Dugong tracks with exclusive vinyl only remixes and a digital extended release to follow shortly after with remixes from Öona Dahl (All Day I Dream), Alicia Hush (HushLamb), Julie Marghilano (Sol Asylum), and Jamaica Suk (Face To Face). The project is currently in the crowd funding stages to raise the funds for the expensive cost to press vinyl in the modern market.

We hope to raise the funds from the crowdfunding by getting other Occultists to join our musical family and to spread the word to find other artists who would like to join our magical vision. Occultists is not only a record label but also a brand of events, music, magical culture, and a spiritual awakening. So join our musical awakening and become a part of our family of Occultists and let’s make magic happen through musical expression and artistic endeavor, we’re waiting for you to emerge from the shadows into the light.
You can listen to four tracks via Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/weareoccultists/sets/dugong
Pre-orders and campaign details are here: http://igg.me/at/occultists/x/12728578

The picture shows James Demon and Dugong

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