Thursday 31 December 2015

Witch House Music: Hooded Leaders - The Night

Ready for some music for New Year's Eve? This is called The Night and was sent to me by Mark of Witch House band Hooded Leaders. But be warned this is NSFW with mild sexual references and a little violence.

Mark said: "Been reading your blog and think I have something you may be interested in! I'm in a Witch House group and we recently just released a new music video for it. I seen that you mentioned and posted about Witch House before, so I figured why not send you are vid and see if you dig it."

I doubt there'll be as much BDSM at any party I'm likely to go to tonight as there is in the video, but I enjoyed watching it. Thanks for sending it to me, Mark.

If you prefer to listen on soundcloud, here is the link:

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