Friday 29 January 2016

News: The Occult in Art, Movies, Music, Architecture

"'Conjurer' originally surrounded by skulls in painting with Queen Elizabeth" - story at UPI:

"'The Man in the High Castle,' 'Captain America,' and the Occult Fascinations of Nazi Germany" - story at Inverse:

"College Goes Full ‘Rosemary’s Baby’" - story at The Daily Beast:

"One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson chooses ancient Irish name for his firstborn child" - story at The Irish Post:

"Once a 'majestic roundhouse' - architect Sarah Ewbank believes she's solved Stonehenge's mysterious origin" - story at Salisbury Journal:

The picture shows a painting by Henry Gillard Glindoni of John Dee performing an experiment for Queen Elizabeth 1. New analysis shows Dee was once surrounded by skulls. Photo by Wellcome Library

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