Saturday 27 February 2016

What the Press is Saying about The Witch Movie

The controversial new movie The Witch isn't releases in the UK until March 11, but here's a round-up of what newspapers and online review sites are saying about it - and they've been saying quite a lot:

"In The Witch, the devil is terrifying, but people are worse" - at The Verge:

"Why satanists have given new horror movie The Witch their endorsement" - at Vox Culture:

"Satanist-Approved ‘The Witch’ and Faith-Based ‘Risen’ Hit Theaters Together" - at The Wall Street Journal: Satanist-Approved ‘The Witch’ and Faith-Based ‘Risen’ Hit Theaters Together

"An Atheist, a Catholic, and a Satanist Walk Into a Screening of 'The Witch'" - at Film:

"The Witch is Sinister, Smart, and Wildly Feminist" - at Wired:

"Watching 'The Witch' in Salem With Actual Witches" - at Complex UK:

"Female Freedom and Fury in The Witch" - at The Atlantic:

"The Real-Life Inspiration For The Witch, This Year's Most Disturbing Horror Film So Far" - at Popsugar:

"The Witch's director explains why our ancestors found witches so scary" - at Vox Culture:

"‘The Witch’ Is 2016’s Best Horror Movie Because It Doesn’t Care What Scares Millennials, Boomers Or X-ers" - at iDigitalTimes:

"‘The Witch’: How Robert Eggers Went from a Costume-Obessed Kid to Award-Winning Director" - at Collider:

"Why Are Goats Associated With the Devil, Like Black Phillip in The Witch?" - at Slate:

"We Attended the Satanic Temple's Naked Ritual Endorsing 'The Witch'" - at Broadly:

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