Saturday 9 April 2016

Pagan Eye: Magic Potions Numbered Five

Here are five little bottles of magical goodness all ready to take to my candle magic workshop at Treadwell's this afternoon. They are bottles of scented oil. Why numbers rather than names? Well, there's a little exercise in the class on intuitive magic, so I won't be saying what's in the bottles until later in the lesson.

I was originally going to buy brown labels to go on the bottles, partly because I thought that would match the brown glass, but also I assumed they would be cheaper. I was rather surprised when I found that wasn't the case.

Do you remember that at one time brown stationery used to be cheaper than white stationery? It was usually in the "basics" range and wasn't considered as good quality as white. Well, now the brown ones cost a lot more than the white ones. The brown ones could only be found in the shop's crafting section and cost £3 for 10, the white ones were in the regular stationery section and cost 75p for 10. I am a cheapskate so I bought the white ones and cut them down to size a bit. I think they still look OK.

If you would like to book up for one of my candle magic workshops, here is the details of the one in June:

You can also order copies of my book Pagan Portals - Candle Magic from Treadwell's here:

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