Sunday 29 May 2016

Park Event: Picnic & Talks - Spiritual Groups United

A free event with medition, yoga, music and a picnic is taking place in a park in London today, organised by London Spirituality Meetup Group and Rawfest. It runs from 1.30pm to 6pm. Here are the details from the eventbrite page:
GATHERING OF MINDS in the park! Spiritual Groups United! FREE Picnic with Consciousness talks, Music, Yoga, Meditation and More!
1.30 - Opening Meditation - Andraé Love (Octopus)
1.45 - Hatha flow Yoga - Angela Roberts (Gathering of Minds)
2.00 - New Clear Consciousness for the Nuclear Age - Ion T. Veddinge (LOVE AID in London)
2.15 - Flow and Recuperative Yoga - Emily Gilchrist (Gathering of Minds)
2.30 - Plant Medicine: The apprentice's story - Matt Cummins (Gathering of Minds)
2.45 - Yoga Mudras for anytime, anywhere - Sagar Samara ( Gathering of Minds)
3.00 - Body Connection meditation - Lia Sokhi (RAWFEST)
3.15 - Aligning Your Life With Your Divine Purpose - Jenna-Lee Anderson (Gathering of Minds)
3.30 - Trauma and energy healing talk - Lisa Li (Gathering of Minds)
3.45 - Hemp Nutrition: Sustainable, local and full of nutrition! - Sagar Samara (Gathering of Minds )
4.00 - Yogic Hridaya heart meditation - Jay Diamond (Gathering of Minds)
4.15 - Facing our Fears as a Pathway to Growth - Bristena Georgiana (Gathering of Minds)
4.30 - Raising heart consciousness in learning to listen and trust the heart - Jodie Jaimes (Gathering of Minds)
4.45 - Urban Shaman Movement - Alex Akal
5.00 - Music with Oneness Jam (Bring an instrument)
The event is free but you must reserve a place in advance via eventbrite. Also, you will need to bring your own picnic, blankets to sit on and musical instruments if you have them. Details of the venue will be released to those who book tickets:

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