Wednesday 4 May 2016

Extract From: Dying to be Free by Hannah Robinson

A book called Dying to be Free, about near-death experience, came out last week and I chatted briefly to author Hannah Robinson about it.

Hannah said about the book, which has the subtitle From Enforced Secrecy to Near Death to True Transformation: "It's a bit unusual because I've tried to make sense of an amazing near-death experience I had following a bad accident by comparing it to my relationship with my father - who is a practising Catholic priest. One experience was full of love and the other really wasn't."

This is an extract from the introduction to Dying to be Free:
In January 1998, I was injured in an accident, sustaining life threatening multiple injuries. During the many months of healing and recovery that followed, I often felt that my life had been cataclysmically shattered and that I would never feel happy or at peace again. But now, seventeen years on, I see the accident as the best thing that ever happened to me. It was a catalyst for a series of changes and life events, amazing and excruciating in equal measure, that stand out as turning points in a life-transforming journey.
There are two facts inextricably bound up with all this that I should mention at the outset. The first is that in 1978 my father chose to become a Catholic priest, omitting to tell anyone arranging his ordination that he’d just separated from my mother and had a one-month-old baby daughter (me). He embarked on a plan to keep me a secret, which he still tries to uphold to this day. The second fact is that directly after the accident, while still ‘unconscious’, I had what has become known as a near-death experience.
Hannah also picked out this quote from the book about the NDE:
Everything felt perfect and I felt contented, enjoying the experience of being wrapped in a warm, invisible blanket of comfort. Delicious peace course through me. I was aware that I could hear everything going on around me in microscopic detail.

Dying to Be Free: From Enforced Secrecy to Near Death to True Transformationis published by O Books and can be ordered via Amazon.

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