Monday 16 May 2016

Pictures from London Pagan Pride Parade 2016

These photos were taken at the London Pagan Pride Parade 2016 yesterday by Ricky Gellissen, who kindly let me post the pictures here. I wasn't able to get to the event myself, but it looks as though everyone had a fantastic time and the weather stayed dry and bright.

I love the giant dragon puppet, the leafy telephone box and all the bright colours in the banners and flags.

London Pagan Pride started and ended in Russell Square, which has a leafy park in the middle, and paraded through the streets going past both Treadwell's and Atlantis Bookshop. It began at noon and went on until late, with people enjoying picnics in the park.

There was entertainment, including live music, and plenty of people brought their own drums as well.

London's event is the oldest Pagan Pride Parade. Another Pagan Pride Parade will be taking place in Nottingham in August. You can find out more about that here:

The photographs on this post are copyright Ricky Gellissen and are used here with permission.


Jonathan Argento said...

Hi great article! There is also a Pagan Pride South Event in Southampton on August the 21st this year more details at

Antony said...

Hi Bad Witch,

Are these pagan pride's every year? Do they have an official website? Might have to try to get down for it in London next year.

Antony x

Badwitch said...

Yes, it is an annual event.