Saturday 16 July 2016

Charity Shop Find: Ceramic Palmistry Hand

My latest charity shop find is this ceramic palmistry hand. When I bought it, the young man behind the counter seemed so disappointed to see it go that I offered to leave it for him if he had been hoping to buy it himself, but he said that it was OK.

When I got home I had a look on the internet to whether palmistry hands like this are readily available, and it seems that they are. You can order them reasonably easily. However, mine was cheaper than the new ones on sale, so I'm still very pleased. And, of course, the charity

I'm not sure how useful the hand actually is as an aid for learning palmistry - it only shows the very basic hand lines - but it does look just the part on display in my witchy room, along with my besom, cauldron, crystal ball and esoteric books.

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