Thursday 4 August 2016

Magic School: Three-part Wiccan Apprentice Course

Mani Navasothy, a respected Gardnerian Wiccan high priest who runs regular rituals with London Woodland Witches Druids Shamans and Outdoor Pagans Meetup Group, is offering a Wiccan Apprentice Course in three one-day outdoor Sunday workshops this autumn.

The workshops run from 11.30am to 5pm each day and take place in woodlands, a short walk from Wimbledon Windmill Museum Tearooms, Windmill Road, Wimbledon Common, London SW19 5NR. The first workshop covers sacred space and energy.

Mani said: "Many of you asked for a deeper, extended covering of Wicca, so here it is - a course in 3 parts. It is still suitable for beginners, but each subject is covered in much greater depths, and includes meditations, pathworking, and magical/ritual work - to embed what you are learning!"

He added: "You don't have to do all of them, but if you did, it will form a cohesive deeper and practical experience of Wicca. You may attend one or more."

The course takes place over three consecutive Sundays in September:
  •  Part 1: Sacred Space and Energy (Sunday 4th Sept)
  •  Part2: Horned Gods and Moon Goddesses (Sunday 11th Sept)
  • Part 3: Practical Magic, Covens and Initiations in Wicca (Sunday 18th Sept)
The cost is £13 per session. You can find out more and reserve a place here:

Mani is the author of Coven Guide: Become an Initiated Witch.

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