Thursday 20 October 2016

Review: The Book of Kitchen Witchery

Kitchen witchcraft - magic you can cook up in your kitchen - is really popular at the moment. The Book of Kitchen Witchery, a new book by American author Cerridwen Greenleaf, offers a delightful introduction to the subject.

The sub-title is "spells, recipes, and rituals for magical meals, an enchanted garden, and a happy home" - and that is exactly what it offers to teach.

Pitched at those who are new to the Craft, it starts with a brief introduction to the basics of witchcraft, including how to set up altars and cast a circle. It then goes on to cover magical meals, remedies based on traditional folk cures, and how to create potions, charms and spells. There is quite a bit on candle magic too - and all explained in a way that is easy to understand.

Every kitchen witch should have at least a small kitchen garden, and the book also covers the basic herbs to grow in order to have fresh magical ingredients. The penultimate chapter is on love magic - and who doesn't need more love in their life. The last section is on celebrating the seasonal festivals of the Wheel of the Year. This, of course, includes appropriate recipes.

The book is very pretty too, with lovely illustrations by Emma Garner.

Publisher Cico Books says on its website:
Turn your kitchen into a pagan power center using herbs, crystals, and spells for health, wealth, love, and happiness.

Are you seeking more contentment in your daily life? Could you use more money to improve home and hearth? Are you looking for ways to spice up your love life? This gorgeously illustrated book will greatly enhance your every day with secrets, spells, and witchy wisdom, passed down through many generations and collected in one place for the first time by bestselling author Cerridwen Greenleaf. Filled with recipes and rituals, The Book of Kitchen Witchery explores every aspect of “the good life,” from how to create an altar as your personal power center to which herbs and plants have properties to heal and how to cook enchanting meals for all occasions, along with green Wicca ways to grow your own Garden of Eden."
The Book of Kitchen Witchery is the latest in a series of lovely books about witchcraft published by Cico. Earlier ones include The Green Wiccan Book of Shadows and The Green Wiccan Herbal. This new book is a nice addition to the collection. Author Cerridwen Greenleaf's other books include the Witches’ Spell Book series.

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