Tuesday 25 October 2016

Witchy Fiction: The Witches’ Brew Bundle

As I mentioned yesterday, I don't often mention fiction on my blog, but sometimes I get sent details I feel are worth passing on. I was recently sent a press release about a collection of ebooks with spellbinding themes. It is called The Witches' Brew Bundle and contains several different stories. I was emailed about it by Jamie Ferguson.

She said: "I've organized a collection of short stories about witches by 20 different authors."

Here are the details :
The Witches’ Brew bundle is a collection of stories about witches and magic by twenty different authors.

In Of Cats and Lost Socks, a witch’s cat will do anything to save his mistress from a curse, even if it means he must use his nine lives to help.

Witching is about a young, untrained witch who tries to save her people from a dark wizard, but she hasn’t thought through the price she’ll have to pay to do so.

A witch battling an evil wizard must face her own greatest fear in Witch – she’s afraid that she’ll become like the man she’s trying to defeat.

In The Lesson of the Love Spell, a young girl asks the witch who lives next door to cast a love spell to make her parents love each other again, but the spell doesn’t do what she expected.

Magic sparks and cauldrons bubble; potions bring love, and curses bring trouble. Enter twenty different worlds of magic and enchantment.
You can find out more details and order the downloads here: https://bundlerabbit.com/witches-brew

Jamie added: "As part of promoting the collection for Halloween, I'm also posting witch-related links on our Facebook page."

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