Friday 2 December 2016

Book Release: Merlin Once and Future Wizard

A new book by Elen Sentier is being launched next week. It is called Merlin - Once and Future Wizard. It is in the Pagan Portals series, which is the same series as my own book on candle magic.

I was delighted to get a chance to read Merlin - Once and Future Wizard before it went to the printers and I wrote this endorsement for the back cover:
I’ve always loved reading tales of Merlin. In this book Elen Sentier gives a fascinating and personal account of the magical lessons she has learnt through shamanic journeying with the most famous wizard of the British Isles.
Publisher Moon Books says about Merlin:
Bestselling author Elen Sentier looks at Merlin in history and mythology and considers his continuing relevance for people today. Best known as the wizard from the Arthurian stories, Merlin has been written about for well over 1,000 years and is considered to be both a magical and historical figure. Over the centuries many people have had relationships with Merlin and in this book the author brings him to life for us once again in yet another way and from yet another perspective.
You can pre-order the book via Amazon

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