Friday 10 February 2017

Global Fire & Candle Ceremony for World Peace

This Sunday, why not join in a global ceremony to send a wave of healing energy circling the globe as part of a wish for world peace?

Pujas for Peace is inviting people of all faiths to join in a global sacred fire ceremony and candlelight meditation for world peace at a time close to the full moon.

On Sunday, February 12th, any time from 9pm to 1am UK time (1pm - 5pm Pacific Time), unite to generate positive vibrations of love circling the globe to calm fear and bring peace. Pray for all who suffer and for the protection of all that is sacred.

Sacred fire ceremonies are a powerful remedy for the fear and negativity in the world. The combination of prayer, uniting together with the same intention, and watching the fire element creates miracles. This is how the darkness is overcome.

You only need to light a candle - for as little time or as long as you like - and say this prayer: "Let there be peace on Earth and love for one another." If you prefer you could organise a sacred fire ceremony. Join around a fire in any way that reflects your spiritual tradition (meditate, chant, sing, drum, pray). From a flame to a bonfire, it all counts.

Visit this site to indicate your intention:

If you want to take part in a larger event, you can find out more details here: or visit the Facebook page: You can also share photos or details of your flame on social media with the hashtag  #COUNTMYLIGHT

The Be The Light movement began on New Year’s Eve 2016. Thousands of people in 1,530+ locations across 68 countries came together and sent the vibrations of love, peace, and kindness circling the globe for 26-continuous hours

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