Monday 13 February 2017

Magic School for Witches & Wizards comes to Dorset

There are a few places left on the herbal apprenticeship course run by Sensory Solutions. Here are the details sent to me by Karen, one of the course founders:

There’s a hint of magic in the air at The Springhead Trust, as Dorset prepares for it’s annual intake of herbal medicine students.

Over four seasonal weekends, trainee witches and wizards will embark on the Sensory Herb Apprenticeship. They will learn how to make their own potions and lotions and create their own healing magic from native plants that grow abundantly in the fields, gardens and hedgerows. The School of Sensory Herbalism trains people in the mysterious and practical art of herbal medicine and is run by the Seed SistAs: experienced herbalists, Karen Lawton, Fiona Heckels and Belle Benfield.  At just £1,850 it is a steal.

 “People that make potions with plants, have been labelled witches and wizards throughout history and that’s what we do at Sensory Solutions: we make medicine from plants,” says Fiona Heckels, a medical herbalist from Dorchester with 20 years experience in the field. “Our students learn how to
identify and use plants that are growing right under their noses. It is magical to be able to turn weeds into medicine and then use that medicine to avoid catching a cold, or to soothe your eczema”.

If you’ve ever wondered about how to make sense of all the herbal supplements available these days, then the Seed SistAs might be just who you need in your life. They founded their ethical practice with the goal of connecting people to their local plants and the land around them.

How many people do you know who speak to packed audiences dressed as witches talking about medicine and self care with plants?  Karen, Fiona and Belle are passionate about their subject and share their immense knowledge with quick wit and anecdotes galore. You will definitely remember your lessons!

“We infuse everything we do with creativity,” adds Karen Lawton.  “Herbal medicine is a science and an art, we love to share both our medical training and our love of art with our students.”

The beautiful gardens of The Springhead Trust will be over-run with trainee witches and wizards in March. The Seed SistAs believe deeply in spreading the knowledge about our native and naturalized plant medicine and have dedicated their lives to herbal education.

 “Herbal medicine has given us tools for life,” raves one of their past apprentices.

“The hedgerow has opened up to me in new ways,” claims another.

If you’ve ever created potions out of rose petals or imagined the old books on your shelves were spell books or if you just have a love of nature, gardening or plants, then the Sensory Herbalism Apprenticeship might just be for you.

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