Friday 3 March 2017

News: Witchcraft, Paganism, Chocolate, Occult

"The Politics of Retelling Norse Mythology" - story at The Atlantic about how Neil Gaiman’s new book Norse Mythology has triggered a debate about who owns pagan tales:

Chocolate ritual initiates worship of the "Goodie Goddess" - story at Florida Flambeau:

"Shop owner says she's target of hate crimes for being a witch, selling pagan products" - story at

"Local Wiccans have own perspective on Proctors-bound 'Wicked'" - story at Albany Times Union:

"Finding a spiritual home" - story at Washington Times:

"People share their scariest experiences – from creepy men in wardrobes to 'occult murders'" - story at

"Russian ex-cop tried to build 'zombie army' by killing the homeless and performing satanic rituals on their bodies" - - story at

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