Thursday, 15 June 2017

New Look at Traditional Witchcraft for Urban Living

Traditional Witchcraft for Urban Living is one of my favourite books about urban witchcraft. I reviewed it on my blog back in 2011 when it was first published under its original title of Mean Streets Witchcraft. Now author Melusine Draco has written about the background to the book and her reasons for writing it:
Traditional Witchcraft for Urban Living
Originally called Mean Streets Witchcraft, this first title in the Traditional Witchcraft series came from a young witchlet’s comment to Meriem Clay-Egerton, that Meriem couldn’t possibly be a real witch because she lived in lived in a town and was confined to a wheelchair.
Now Meriem loved the countryside and everything about it but a chain of circumstances had forced her and Bob to abandon rural life and to remain in a densely urbanised environment for the rest of their lives.
At the time I was also town-bound and having an awful difficulty with my magical practice since the area I was living in at the time was one of those economically depressed areas due to the mines closing two generations before, with no hope of recovery in sight. True I had a large medieval holly wood to roam and a nearby granite out crop for energy raising, but the community feeling was that of wading through molasses.
Needless to say, many of our lengthy conversations related to the effect this type of urban environment had on psychic energies and the long-term problems it could cause. In fact, Meriem thought ‘good’ town-bound witches were probably more proficient than their rural cousins, simply because in the countryside it is enough just to be! The urban witch had to conduct guerrilla warfare against the constant attack of negative energies the town-dweller encounters at every turn at the office, in the supermarket, and even when walking along the street…
And since the majority of witches don’t have the luxury of the rural dream, there was obviously a niche for a book on urban witchcraft and the differences in perspective of which we all need to be aware. There are no ‘Oh wow!’ moments in Traditional Witchcraft for Urban Living and most of the content is pure common sense, but sometimes we all need someone to point out the obvious … more like ‘Oh yeah!’
Melusine Draco
Traditional Witchcraft for Urban Living is published by Moon Books and available in paperback and e-book format. For more information go to or Amazon.

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