Monday, 19 June 2017

News: Summer Solstice, Witchcraft & Persecution

"Armed police to be deployed at summer solstice" - story at ITV News:

"Your guide to hosting a summer solstice women's circle" - story at Well+Good

"4 Sexy Ways To Celebrate The Summer Solstice" - story at Refinery29:

"When is the longest day of the year and why is it called the Summer Solstice" - story at Metro:

"Exorcisms, egging and abuse: Gloucester witch appeals for more tolerance after nine-year hate crime campaign from 'Christian fantatics'" - story at Gloucestershire Live:

"From owning a broomstick and a black cat to accidentally cursing her EX: Mother of three, 52, lifts the lid on life as a modern WITCH (and yes she has a cauldron and a book of spells too)" - story at MailOnline:

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