Thursday, 27 July 2017

Free Online Tarot at Tell My Tarot

Fourth generation tarot reader and astrologer Charmaine Frapp sent me a link to a personal website she has created called Tell My Tarot.

Charmaine said: "I've spent the past year developing an online tarot reading platform that works well on mobile phones and is free for anyone to use. After a lot of hard work, it's finally live."

I used it just now and it gave me some very insightful readings - specifically to use my intellect rather than my emotions when deciding what to do next in a project. That ties in well with a reading I did for myself the other day, suggesting that I should do more research before writing further chapters on a book I am currently working on.

You can find the Tell My Tarot website here:

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Magic 8 ball said...

Thank's for the post. I am also using tell my tarot quite a few times and find it interesting as well. Good day.