Monday 24 July 2017

News: Witches in History, Today & in Entertainment

"Sudden death of much-loved Glastonbury witch and astrologer leaves family grief-stricken as tributes poor in" - story at Somerset Live:

"Disney to release new English translations of fantasy comic series ‘W.I.T.C.H.’" - story at Inquirer:

"Meet the kawaii witches of the East" - Story at The Japan Times:

"Salem, Danvers ceremonies to honor Witch Trials victims" - Story at The Salem News:

"Warding Off Witch Hunting" - story at The Regulatory Review:

"Woman, two sons killed over witchcraft" - story at Times of India:

"In Image's Redlands, Witches Are Feared Not Just for Their Magic, But Because They're Women" - story at Gizmodo:

"The Witch's Mark review" - story at Entertainment Focus:

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