Thursday, 10 August 2017

News: Witchcraft, Paganism, Occult, Eclipse, History

"8 Things Notts Pagans Want You to Know" - story at LeftLion:

"Why Salem's modern-day feminist witchcraft scene is giving rise to 'magic tourism'" - story at The Independent:

"Historians who unearthed 17th century witch hunter's torture kit are hunting the secret fortune of a sinister bishop who put thousands of women to death during his reign of terror in Germany" - story at MailOnline:

"Solar eclipse viewing to include Wiccan festival" - story at NWAOnline:

"Eclipsing the occult in early America: Benjamin Franklin and his almanacs" - story at The Conversation US:

"The 'true' story of the evil doll star" - blog post at Standard Republic:

"It turns out 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' wasn't so far off about the Nazis" - story at Washington Post:

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