Friday 22 December 2017

At Yule, Do You Say You Love Gifts You Hate?

If someone gives you a Yule gift that you hate, what do you do?

Do you pretend you like it?
Do you also keep it and put it where everyone will see it to really keep up the make-believe that it is treasured?
Do you swiftly but secretly take it to a charity shop on Boxing Day, or do you ask your friend or relative for the receipt so you can take it back to the place it was bought?

According to a survey, this Christmas 80 per cent of us will lie and say we love a present we actually hate. Most of us - 84 per cent -  have received a gift we didn’t like, but only 9 per cent of those surveyed said they could admit it to the gifter. The survey also showed that 70 per cent of us have ‘re-gifted’ a present we didn’t want, rather than admit we didn’t like it.

Other survey findings include:
  • Almost one in five of us have knowingly bought the wrong present for someone
  • Half of us have forgotten a present for a loved one - 28 per cent have forgotten a friend and almost 1 in 10 admitted they forgot their partner!
  • Men are most likely to forget their mum! (20 per cent)
  • Less than one per cent of us have a present drawer
  • Almost 40 per cent believe they easily add £10-20 to their purchase when they panic buy
One of the things I organise at my local pagan moot every January is an unwanted gift exchange, where people are invited to bring along a present or two that they were given for Yule but didn't want, for whatever reason. They can then swap it for something they prefer out of all the other unloved gifts. I usually also offer to buy a drink for whoever brings along the worst present, the one no one at all wants.

Personally, my main reason for swapping gifts after Yule is that I've been given a duplicate copy of a book that I already own. I love getting new books, but I do have a rather large library. A book token, on the other hand, is always a wise choice for anyone wanting to buy me a present, but unsure about what title to pick.

The survey was compiled by Gift Wink, a company that offers a service suggesting suitable gifts by saving key dates and intelligence about the person you are buying for, so you can be notified weeks in advance with a unique selection. Within a few clicks you can sort a present and have it delivered without having to leave the Gift Wink website. You can find it here:

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Anonymous said...

Ye gods I really dislike this time of year, it has become such a stressful time for people,surely festivals were never meant to be like this.