Wednesday, 20 December 2017

News: Winter Solstice, Christmas and Witchcraft

"When is the shortest day of the year, when is winter solstice and what time does it get light?" - story at Metro:

"4 Winter Solstice Rituals From Around the World" - story at TIME:

"Winter Solstice 2017: Things To Know About Pagan Yule Celebrations And Rituals" - story at International Business Times:

"A quiz for Christmas - from reindeer to a festive witch, how much do you really know about December 25" - quiz at Somerset Live:

"Breitbart Reporter Warns Of 'Increasing Occultism' And Feminist Witches": story at Right Wing Watch:

"Prove to the world you ain't no witch" - story at Coffs Coast Advocate:

"At University of Alberta, a Wiccan chaplain thrives" - story at The College Fix:

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