Monday, 11 December 2017

News: Winter Solstice, Witchcraft, Trees

"From the community The ‘Magickal’ Traditions of Winter Solstice Come to Canton Public Library" - story at Courant Community:

"I Visited a Forest-Dwelling Witch to Cure My Crushing Existential Dread" - story at Motherboard:

"Is this Surrey's most haunted tree?" - story at Get Surrey:

"Why do we have Christmas trees in our homes, when should you put one up and why decorate it?"- story at Metro:


Rebecca Bird said...

I live very close to the Caterham tree, and it has such an amazing presence! It is also true that everyone DOES fall silent, almost instinctively, when passing under it. I adore it <3

Badwitch said...

I wondered if you knew where it was! I shall have to come and see it next time I'm in the area.