Saturday, 13 January 2018

News: Death Pose Druid, Paganism & Witchcraft

"Police called out to reports of dead body by motorway - only to find it was a druid doing yoga" - story at Manchester Evening News:

"Party like a Russian (peasant): Christmas festival mixes Orthodox and pagan rites" - story at RT:

"Giant squid and sexed-up druids: is Britannia Jez Butterworth's mad masterpiece?" - story at The Guardian:

"Witch Hunts Today: Abuse of Women, Superstition, and Murder Collide in India" - story at Scientific American:

"How Medieval Churches Used Witch Hunts to Gain More Followers" - story at History:

"Self-proclaimed 'blood witch' smears period blood on her face to break stigmas around menstruation" - story at The Scottish Sun:

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