Monday 29 January 2018

News: Occult, Paganism and Witchcraft

Here's a round-up of news stories about the occult, paganism and witchcraft from the past week:

"Dan Brown Donates €300,000 to Ritman Library to Digitize Occult Books" - blog post at Good E-Reader:

"Forest watchdog calls for protection of Estonia's pagan heritage" - story at Climate Home:

"Student accuses Trinity Hall June Event of misrepresenting Pagan beliefs" - story at Varsity Online:

"Trinity Hall June Event committee responds to claims of religious misrepresentation" - follow-up story at Varsity Online:

"Ask a Witch: Witchcraft's Most Confusing Sayings" - story at NYLON:

"Pam Grossman Brings Modern Witchcraft to a Podcast and Emojis" - story at the Observer:

"Is It The Year Of The Feminist Witch?" - story at Refinery29:

"Surveyor cracks mystery of 'Witch's Castle' near Cameron Park" - story at Waco Tribune-Herald:

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