Wednesday, 28 February 2018

A Round-up of News on Paganism, Magic & the Occult

"Part-time Pagan needed for religious services at Dartmoor Prison" - story at Plymouth Herald:

"In Thor We Trust: Swedes Revive 'Back to the Roots' Viking Heathenry" - story at Sputnik International:

"Avebury's Archdruid accepts decision by National Trust to temporarily close 'quagmire' stones" - story at Swindon Advertiser:

"OCCULT NEWS: Here's how YOU can make REAL MAGIC according to a top UK 'witch'" - story at

"Woman 'possessed by Hindu goddess Kali' when heart stopped in near death experience" - story at

"Erik Davis talks Jack Parsons and "Babalon Rising"" - story at Boing Boing:

"Alleged victim of medieval re-enactment society guru Trevor Pilling, from Chesham, looked upon him as a druid, court hears" - story at Bucks Free Press:

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