Thursday 22 February 2018

News: Forteana, Occult, Paganism, Witchcraft

A round-up of news stories about forteana, conspiracy theories, the occult, witch beliefs and witch hunts.

"Scottish shaman kept owl heads in jam jars and sold bird parts in bizarre pagan shop" - story at Scottish Daily Record:

"REVEALED: The bizarre mystery of the 'giant deer-sized king hare of Dorset'" - story at

"David icke says Royal Family are 'shape-shifting lizards' but is he right?" - story at

"Listen: Hitler's quest for the Holy Grail? New book explores Nazi obsession with the occult" - story at

"The Dutch Ritman Library Just Added 20,000 Historical Occult Books To Its Digital Archives, And You Can Read Them Right Now" - story at Bustle:

"'Google is killing magic' Internet superpower destroying mystic forces claims witch" - story at

"'We must act before another child is killed': Warning over abuse linked to witchcraft and possession beliefs in the UK" - story at The Independent:

"Awareness campaign to curb witch-hunt crimes" - story at The Telegraph:

"A Museum Dedicated to the 'Last Witch in Europe' Just Got a Million-Dollar Donation" - story at Atlas Obscura:

"A Welsh film about an African witch hunt has won a Bafta" - story at WalesOnline:

"Indians who 'abused witches' arrested by police" - story at BBC News:

"Self-proclaimed white witch 'indecently assaulted 15-year-old girl after offering to help her heal back pain'" - story from an ongoing court case, in which the defendant denies the charges. Story at the Mirror:


Anonymous said...

Just read the bit about the Shaman guy in Scotland, no where does it say he caused the death of these animals. Is just about every shop in Glastonbury going to be in trouble for trading bits of dead animal ? , my youngest Grandson loves finding dead things when we are out walking ,his pride and joy is a fox skull he found ,is this going to be a crime soon?. Is this just another way to knock the pagan world.

Badwitch said...

I also love picking up feathers and so on. I think the issue is that up in Scotland there is a real problem with protecting endangered species from illegal killing. I do not blame the police from wanting to investigate whether these animals were legally sourced or not. It *could* be persecution against pagans, but it could be that the police would investigate anyone selling animal parts in this way.

Anonymous said...

LOL my Daughter is always saying " oh no not more feathers" . If they were not leagally sourced I fully understand, maybe the report could have given a bit more info on that.