Friday 18 May 2018

Pagan Eye: Iron Age Cauldron at Stonehenge

This bronze cauldron is part of a temporary exhibition called Feast!, currently on at Stonehenge.  It shows how in prehistoric times people had huge feasts as part of celebrations.

Our Neolithic ancestors would sometimes travel long distances - even as far as Scotland - bringing livestock with them, to meet up at places such as Stonehenge and have banquets. The exhibition explains that they didn't only eat meat. Fruit, vegetables, nuts and some cereals were also an important part of their diet. They probably also made cheese or yogurt from milk.

The cauldron in the photo above was found in a lake at Llyn Fawr in Rhondda Cynon Taf, south Wales. It dates from about 700 BC and was part of a hoard of objects, probably put in the lake as an offering to local deities. It is on loan to Stonehenge from the National Museums Wales. I took the photo earlier this week when I visited Stonehenge on my way back from Boscastle, in Cornwall.

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