Thursday 28 June 2018

Pagan Eye: At the Horniman Butterfly House

There's something inherently magical about butterflies. It is impossible not to feel your spirits soar as clouds of butterflies flit about from flower to flower around you. They are beautiful, fragile, short-lived creatures living only to sip nectar and find love.

They teach us to exist in the moment and to find joy and happiness where we can. But they also symbolise change as they metamorphose from caterpillars. Seeing one can give us the message that it is possible to transform our lives, if we want to.

I took the photo above at the Hornman Museum's new butterfly house, which I visited earlier this week. I went there with my husband, who is normally very down-to-earth, but even he posted on Facebook afterwards: "Standing in a butterfly house with some of the most beautiful creatures imaginable fluttering around you is great for the soul."

I think the butterfly in the picture is a Hecales longwing, largely because it landed almost on top of the picture of one on the guide at the butterfly house. How convenient.

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