Monday 26 November 2018

Witches and Pagans in the News and on TV

Here is a round-up of recent news stories about paganism and witchcraft. Several are inspired by yesterday's episode of Doctor Who:

"Pagans guilty of Stonehenge trespass" - story at The Times:

"How Christians co-opted the winter solstice" - story at Big Think:

News stories about Sunday's Doctor Who episode, which I haven't seen yet, so no spoilers please:

"Doctor Who: What happened during real-life witch trials, and who were the Pendle Hill witches?" - story at Radio Times:

"Doctor Who: Witches and kings and Alan Cumming, oh my" - story at Culturess:

"James I: how the king's obsession with witches inspired Shakespeare's Macbeth" - story at

"Doctor Who season 11: Were the Pendle Hill witch trials real?" - story at

"Doctor Who, episode 8, review: 'The Witchfinders' is Jodie Whittaker's Scariest Outing Yet"- story at The Independent:

And some other news about witches on TV and on the stage:

"Satanists settle lawsuit with Netflix over goat-headed statue" - story at KSAT San Antonio:

"Call The Midwife nun Victoria Yeates quits the show to become a witch" - story at

"Ask Not What You Can Do for Your Country, but What Witchcraft Can Do for You" - story at

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