Sunday 3 February 2019

TV: Witches Featured in Digging Up Britain's Past

Channel 5's archaeology programme, Digging Up Britain's Past, last night was set in Pendle and was called Witches. The series aims to explore fascinating periods in British history and I think this one is about the Pendle witch trials.

I haven't seen the episode on witches yet, but I did manage to catch an episode last week about Robin Hood and King John, which I enjoyed. I'd describe the series as Time Team-light. You can watch Witches here:

Earlier episodes are on the Viking invasion and Stonehenge and are also available to catch up on My5. I think I know what my viewing will be today.

ADDED NOTE:  I've just watched what I Tivo'd last night and it seems Channel 5 broadcast a different episode than the one advertised. It was about the Black Death in the 14th century. Hopefully they will show the one about witches at a later date.

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