Friday 22 March 2019

Pagan Eye: Masked-Puja for Meme-Tech-Animals

Are you the solution, or the problem? That was the question posed in Masked-Puja for Meme-Tech-Animals, performed at the Horniman X Goldsmiths interactive event last night, where I took this photo.

The description of the weird composition by masked performers Plastique Fantastique and Benedict Drew said they were summoning "the meme-animals and avatars of Zero City through songs, drone-music, electronic-sonic-fictions, mumming-performances and film-projections."

The message throughout the entire event was for us to consider our role and purpose on Planet Earth. This was done through ten interactive installations and activities created by staff and students at Goldsmiths in conjunction with the Horniman. These included performances such as the Masked-Puja, new installations you could interact with - like a mile of string inside the conservatory for people to play in - and additions to existing Horniman displays, including piles of plastic waste around the aquarium and a self-guided tour of the birds and animals of Borneo.

There was an emphasis on folklore as well as science and art. One of the activities was an electronic palm reader that allowed you to discover an object in the collection that reflected your future. I was a bit annoyed that I left it too late to find out my own fate with the computer-age soothsayer. By the time I got there, the queue was long and they weren't allowing more people to join it. But I really enjoyed everything I did take part in and watched.

The Horniman Museum is at 100 London Road, Forest Hill, London SE23 3PQ and you can find out more about what's going on there at the website:

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