Tuesday 30 April 2019

Guided Visualisation for Beltane Eve: The Path to Love

It is Beltane Eve - a traditional time for doing divination to see the face of a future lover, to scry into the spirit world to meet lovers who have passed on, or for any magic relating to love. Here is a guided visualisation - or guided meditation - to help tune into the energy of the season and to meet a lover past, present or future in your mind's eye.

The Path to Love: A Beltane Eve Visualisation

Find somewhere safe, where you will not be disturbed. Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Take three deep breaths in and out and relax, then visualise the following:

It is just before dusk on Beltane Eve. You are in an old English village. It is the kind of traditional village that has not changed for centuries.This is somewhere you feel completely safe and at ease. There is a green in the centre of the village and on it people have been setting things up for the May Day festivities that will start tomorrow morning. A maypole has been erected, with coloured ribbons, where people will dance. In other places, there are preparations for fun and games.

Around the village green there are cottages with gardens full of spring flowers. There is a pub too. Its lights are on and you can hear the sound of people beginning to celebrate inside.

But, just as you are about to join them, you hear your name called from another direction. The sound is faint, almost a whisper, or a long way away, but the voice seems familiar in some way. It is the voice of someone you love - or someone you will love. The voice of a lover.

You turn around and look in the direction the sound seems to be coming from. Where you look, there is a lane leading past the cottages at the edge of the green and out of the village.

Perhaps there is a moment of indecision, but you hear the voice again even if you are not sure exactly who the voice belongs to, it is a voice you want to follow. You decide to do so. Walking across the green, you step onto the lane and continue along it past the cottages and out of the village.

There are high hedgerows on either side of the lane, which are full of hawthorn blossom and new green leaves.

You follow the lane and at the end you find a gate. Beyond the gate you can see an apple orchard. The trees are in full blossom. You hear your lover's voice calling you again. They are calling from within the apple orchard, beyond the gate.

You open the gate, and go through, into the orchard.

Apple trees are all around you, their branches thickly covered in white blossom. A narrow path winds into the orchard, and on either side of the path, below the trees, the orchard floor is a carpet of bluebells.

You follow the path as it winds through the trees until you come to the centre.

In the centre of the orchard stands the oldest of the apple trees. Its branches spread out wide and are high enough that you can easily walk beneath them. Sitting on a bench, at the foot of the apple tree, you see your lover. Your eyes meet and they smile at you and once more say your name in a way that you know means they are happy that you are here, that you have heard them and come to them.

You join your lover beneath the tree. Spend time with them.

Dusk grows and the sky gets darker, but a full moon rises beyond the apple orchard. There is enough light to see and evening is warm enough to stay outside as long as you desire.

Eventually, your lover says that they must go, for they have things that must be done before the morning of the first of May. And you know that it is time for you to leave to. You say your good-byes, but your lover promises that, if you want, they will meet you again.

You return along the path through the orchard, through the gate, along the lane and back to the village where everything is prepared for Beltane Morn.

When you are ready to return to the real world, open your eyes.

Take a deep breath or two, shake your arms and legs for real and blink your eyes a few times. It is always good to also have something to eat and drink after doing a guided visualisation, to help you fully ground and return to normal.

You can find more guided visualisations in my book Pagan Portals - Guided Visualisations.


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