Friday 26 July 2019

Magic School: Shamanism Healer Training in London

A shamanism healer training is being run this autumn in London and you can take advantage of an early bird price if you book and pay by 1 August. The course starts on 7 September and normally costs £600, but the early bird price is £550 per person for the entire course. Each workshop runs from 9.45am to 4.30pm.

It is being run by Anthea of Shamanism and Evolving Consciousness at Neal's Yard Meeting Rooms, 14 Neal's Yard, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9DP. Here are the details:

Saturday 7 and  and Sunday 8 September: Introduction to shamanic journeying, meeting your allies and healing techniques. The first weekend module teaches:
  1. Connection to your power animal, work to work closely with this ally on your journeys.
  2. What it means to be a healer in the world.
  3. Clearing the space within you to pave the way for receiving clients using shamanic practises. 
  4. Preparation before the healing session
  5. Learn how to set a ceremonial space, with the elements fire, water, earth and air.
  6. Use of smudge and incense.
  7. Connect to your spiritual teacher in the upper world
  8. Shamanic diagnostic work and working remotely
  9. Practise of shamanic healing techniques.
  10. Manifestation journey to begin your healing practise and calling in your future clients energetically
  11. Receive source transmissions to help you move forward.
  12. Learn how to complete a blessing ceremony.
  13. Divination skills with your allies
Sunday 22 September: Outdoor healing with plants and trees. In this outdoor session students will:
  1. Be initiated into the plant consciousness. You will journey to the lower world and open the doorways to the plants that are willing to help you. You will discover your gatekeeper to the plant kingdom.
  2. Go out in nature and you learn how to connect out in nature with trees and plants, to discover their essence and to enhance your relationship with them.
  3. Learn how to complete healing sessions for your self and others with trees, learning two techniques
  4. Learn how to make plant limpias to work with others with herbs and flowers to help cleanse auras etc.
  5. Learn how to make plant healing bundles.
  6. Learn how to complete a medicine walk in nature
  7. Receive notes to take away
Sunday 12 and 13 October: Shamanism and healing the body. Students will:
  1. Learn about the organs of the body and that the organs have spirits that you can connect to for healing. Learn their metaphysical meaning and meaning in Chinese medicine.
  2. Journey to the heart, connect to the spirit of the heart, the “architect”, what does your own heart show you.
  3. Journey and connect to different organs in the body.
  4. Connect to the heart as a diagnostic tool, to help you to diagnose for others.
  5. Complete a healing journey for others to heal
  6. What is the spirit of illness.
  7. Learn to dialogue with the spirit of illness and bring back healing words to help others to empower and move through illness.
  8. Receive a powerful source transmission to help you to connect more to the “ heart of love”.
  9. Complete extraction work
  10. How to heal thoughts forms.
Sunday 24 November: Soul retrieval. The workshop will cover:
  1. Consultation skills with clients
  2. Connecting to your animal guide to help you with soul retrievals
  3. How to develop and practise your tracking skills
  4. How to complete soul retrieval to help others
  5. How to send healing remotely.
  6. Receive source sound transmissions to help you move forward.
  7. Timeline work
Everyone on the course will be required to submit one case study before the end of the training. The course includes all handouts your certificate and other materials.

Full details here:

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