Monday 12 August 2019

Into the Labyrinth: Online Minoan Paganism Course

An online course on Modern Minoan Paganism, called Into the Labyrinth, is starting in September.

The course is run by Laura Perry, author of Ariadne's Thread and Labrys and Horns, and offers to a journey into the magic of Minoan spirituality. It costs $50 for the full 8-week course - but you can take the course anywhere in the world.

Here is the programme, exploring the Minoan pantheon and the modern Minoan Wheel of the Year:
  1. By Land, Sea, and Sky (the three Great Goddesses and the three realms
  2. Great Cosmic Mother-of-All (Ourania and her place in the modern Minoan pantheon
  3. Feast of Grapes (the grape harvest, a celebration of Dionysus)
  4. The Mysteries (the Minoan precursor to the Eleusinian Mysteries)
  5. The Year Begins (Autumn Equinox, the Minoan New Year)
  6. Winter Solstice (Dionysus' birth in Rhea's sacred cave)
  7. Harvest Time (in the Mediterranean, field crops are harvested in the spring)
  8. Summer Solstice (the sacred marriage of Ariadne and Dionysus)
Included in the online class is:
  1. Eight units of course materials in PDF format
  2. Guided meditations in MP3 format to listen at your leisure
  3. Private, members-only forum on this website for discussion
  4. Rituals, devotionals, myths and legends, recipes and crafts
  5. Participate from anywhere in the world at your own pace
  6. Course assignments graded individually with private feedback from Laura
  7. Certificate upon completion of the course
This is all new material that doesn't duplicate anything in Ariadne's Thread or Labrys and Horns. You do not have to be a member of any group to take this course. All the activities can easily be completed by a solitary practitioner.

You can find the full details here:

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