Thursday 5 September 2019

Witches in the News: History to Folklore to Bake-Off

Here are links to two news stories about the reconstruction of the face of a woman accused of witchcraft, plus witchcraft folklore, fiction and articles about modern witches:

'Face Of 18th-Century 'Witch' Who Was Buried Under A Huge Stone To Stop Her Haunting Locals Reconstructed By Scientists' - story at Newsweek:

'Mystery over missing remains of 'witch' burned at stake 'for having sex with devil'' - story at the Mirror:

'Weird Suffolk: Why these strange stones with holes could protect you from witches' - story at East Anglian Daily Times:

'The Witch’s Yew: Ireland’s winning ‘Tree of The Year’ has been announced—and it’s haunted' - story at Irish Post:

'Philippa Gregory: Why witchcraft has fiction fans under its spell' - story at

''I'm a witch' says Amanda Holden as she declares she has communicated with Alesha Dixon's unborn baby' - story at Heart:

'Confessions of a Modern Day Witch — the Real Magic of Corbin Chamberlin' - story at PaperCity Magazine:

'Bake Off 2019: teary-eyed bakers and witch fingers' - story at British Baker:

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Witchkrafting with Kat said...

What fab witchy articles, thank you for sharing. I have added a link on my blog for my visitors to visit here.