Monday 7 October 2019

A Gifted Poppet & What to Do if You Lose a Lucky Doll

A Kipling bag normally has a cheeky monkey rather than a poppet, doesn't it.  Well, some time ago, I lost the monkey on my bag, but on Saturday, I was given this lovely poppet to replace it, hand-knitted by Pat McNally who writes the Art from the Heart blog and runs brilliant spiritual art workshops via the Rainbow Healing Sanctuary.

I mentioned my Kipling monkey in my book Pagan Portals - Poppets and Magical Dolls:
"I...have a Kipling rucksack, which comes with the brand’s iconic monkey. There have been times when I was travelling somewhere or to something I was nervous about and have looked at that irrepressible-looking monkey and wished for luck."
Yes, I used to do that. And I was very sad one day when I noticed that my little monkey had gone missing. The chain that held it in place had broken when I was out and about one day, and the monkey had fallen off somewhere, never to be found again.

In my book, I also write about what to do if you lose a poppet, lucky charm or some other magical item. First, obviously, you look for it. But if you really can't find it, then you need to sever the magical connection between yourself and the item. The easiest way to do that is to visualise cutting the cords of energy that run between you and it. You can just imagine cutting threads with a pair of scissors.

Being gifted something like a poppet to replace the lost item is a wonderful way help put the loss in the past and move forward with your life. You can make poppets for yourself, of course, but there is something particularly lovely about being given a thoughtful gift.

Pat makes a lovely range of knitted poppets and magical dolls, which she sells to raise funds for the Rainbow Healing Sanctuary. You can find her blog and details here: or by emailing

The pictures show poppets knitted by Pat, my Kipling bag and my book: Pagan Portals - Poppets and Magical Dolls.

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Pat said...

Thank you for an interest workshop at the Rainbow Healing Sanctuary and we hope you will come and facilitate another workshop for us in 2020.

Badwitch said...

Pat - Thank you very much for inviting me to do the workshop there and for making me feel so welcome!