Tuesday 10 December 2019

Witchy Crafts: Tips for Making Purification Bundles

These great tips for making herb bundles (smudge sticks) were sent in by Jane Mortimer:

I am fortunate to have an abundance of sage and lavender in my little garden and thought I'd turn some of it into smudge sticks. I picked two bushy stems each of lavender and sage per stick, and have found the best way to keep it all together when binding is to stuff the stems through a toilet roll tube and push them through gradually as I bind them from the base of the stems upwards, then back down again.

 A good (and cost-free) thread to bind with is the white cotton thread used to sew up the tops of cat litter bags and potato sacks. Just snip the end off, find the right two bits and pull at the same time and you get two lovely long pieces of cotton. This is fiddly to get going, but eventually the right threads and the right direction will manifest! As a rule of thumb, enough stems to fit tightly into a toilet roll tube is about right for a smudge stick.

The photo shows two of the sticks, freshly made and not yet hung up to dry. I'll trim the ends up when they're properly dry (about a week).

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