Thursday 2 January 2020

Review: The Witches' Hexagram - Wiccan Cabbala

One of my resolutions for 2020 is to do more pathworkings relating to the Cabbalistic Tree of Life. A book that is going to help me is The Witches' Hexagram - A Wiccan View of the Cabbala by Robert Hardy.

I've already worked through his earlier book, The Witches' Pyramid's - A Wiccan View of the Cabbala, which is a superb introduction to this hugely influential magical tradition. Both books are aimed at those who are also following a Wiccan or similar modern pagan witchcraft path and show how Cabbalistic techniques are compatible with Wiccan ritual practices.

The Witches' Hexagram goes further than The Witches' Pyramid, but is still designed to stand alone. It explains the basics before offering pathworkings on the central section of the Tree of Life, which forms the hexagram. However, if you are a complete novice regarding the Cabbala,  I would suggest studying the first book before using this one.

Author Robert Hardy says:
"The Witches’ Hexagram covers the centre of the Tree of Life which reveals the character of the three Sephiroth, Geburah, Chesed, and Tiphareth, and the eight central paths linking them with each other and with the lower Sephiroth. Over the course of this book you will become familiar with them and all the treasures they hold.
"The central hexagram also covers the seven classical planets. Since the hexagram has six points, the seventh planet, the Sun, sits in the centre of it, and is assigned to the Sephira Tiphareth. The remaining orbiting six planets help model the flavour of the Sephiroth in which they reside. Like The Witches’ Pyramid, The Witches’ Hexagram is self-contained.”
Robert Hardy is a knowledgeable and engaging writer with decades of experience both of Alexandrian Wicca and the Cabbala. The book is easy to follow, down to earth and practical, but full of magical insight too. It also has plenty of clear diagrams and illustrations, which are very useful.

Having read the book through for the purposes of writing this review, I am now looking forward to taking my time and fully exploring all the pathworkings contained within it.

You can view The Witches' Hexagram on Amazon and on publisher Bibliotheca Alexandrina's website. It is also available in Treadwell's, Atlantis Bookshop and The Wyrd Shop in Edinburgh.

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