Monday 2 March 2020

Books: Pre-Order Pagan Portals - Guided Visualisations

One of the most exciting moments as an author is when I first get to hold physical copies of my next book. A few days ago I got a parcel containing what you see in the photo above. My next book is called Pagan Portals: Guided Visualisations - Pathways into Wisdom and Witchcraft. I'm really pleased with how it looks.

The official publication date is 11 December 2020, but you can already pre-order it and view Pagan Portals: Guided Visualisations on Amazon. Yes, I know Amazon is currently saying the release date is January 1 2021, but that's getting corrected. It will definitely be out before Yule 2020. In fact, you will be able to pick up early copies of the book if you are in London on Saturday 21 November, as I will be signing copies at Treadwell's Bookshop, 33 Store Street, Bloomsbury London, WC1E 7BS between  2pm and 4pm.

You can see the details of my earlier books, including Pagan Portals - Candle Magic and Pagan Portals - Poppets and Magical Dolls on my author page at Moon Books.


Yewtree said...

Ooh, this sounds great. I will definitely get a copy.

Badwitch said...

Yewtree - I can send you a pdf if you like. I was very much inspired by one of your own books when I wrote it and I have quoted from one of your books in the first chapter.