Friday 17 April 2020

Let's See Your Witchy Hats: Christina of Treadwell's

Here's a lovely photo that Christina of Treadwell's bookshop took of herself wearing her witchy hat while taking a break from dealing with online orders. She wrote: "Cheering myself up by wearing my witch hat to work at the computer. Just so you know there's a real person behind all the books in our online shop. Yup, me and Rambo."

Rambo is the Treadwell's dog. I have to say I really miss going to Treadwell's physical shop in London, and seeing with Christina and all the other staff, including Rambo with his waggy tail. At least I can catch up with them on the Treadwell's Facebook group, which is where this photo came from. I'm reposting it with Christina's permission.

I'd love to invite anyone else who reads my blog to take a selfie while wearing a witchy hat. If you email them to, with a few details, I will post them on my blog too. Then we can all see each other and our witchy hats. I'll take a photo of myself share post it soon!

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