Thursday 14 May 2020

Weathering the Storm: A Book of Help and Support

Weathering the Storm is a new book offering support to those of us who are isolated or vulnerable. It was written by the community of Moon Books authors, who offered their time and talents for free to put the book together and try to help all of us who are dealing with this current difficult situation.

Written in three parts, psychological, spiritual and practical, Weathering the Storm offers a wide range of articles, information, and inspiration. I wrote two chapters; a guided visualisation called 'Weathering the Storm', based on the book's title, and an essay entitled 'The Signs of Hope in Urban Nature'.

The book as a whole has a primary Pagan focus, but it includes material suitable for anyone interested mind, body, spirit matters, alternative lifestyles and spiritualities. Covering areas from loneliness and anxiety, self-care and gardening, to cooking and crystals, Weathering the Storm is a designed to help everyone through uneasy, unprecedented times.

Moon Books describes it on its website as: "A complementary compendium of hope, from the writers and publishers behind Moon Books."

Originally, the book was intended to be completely free of charge and available as an ebook. You can download it for free in the US, Canada, Australia and India via Amazon. It's also free on Barnes and Noble. However, Amazon UK and Amazon Europe insisted on £0.99 and 1 euro prices respectively. This was not what the publisher wanted, but we have to live with that if it is to be available through those online outlets. It is a shame, but currently unavoidable.

I will be posting my guided visualisation from the book on my blog tomorrow, the day the book is officially launched, so you can read that for free wherever you are in the world.

You can view Weathering the Storm on Amazon and also on publisher Moon Books' website.

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