Monday 24 August 2020

Jane's Book of Shadows: Edie the Librarian

Here's another set of pages from Jane Mortimer's beautiful Book of Shadows. It shows a magical visualisation to help you remember something that's on the tip of your tongue. Jane calls her visualised helper Edie the Librarian.

Jane said: "I'm still journalling like crazy. All sorts of stuff's going in there, good and bad alike, because we can't see the light without the darkness to compare it with. Edie, the 'little librarian' in my third eye presents me with more blasts from the past. It's because of Edie all this writing's getting done."

Jane added:  "I could never see her eyes when I visualised her - only her mildly Dame Edna style glasses, but the drawing looked a bit wrong without eyes, so I put some in, and now that's how I see her."

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