Thursday 6 August 2020

Review: Colm Holland's The Secret of the Alchemist

Here is a review by Jane Mortimer of Colm Holland's new book, The Secret of the Alchemist:

A lot of people will be familiar with Paulo Coelho's classic 'The Alchemist' - a widely read and profoundly influential book.  I would consider Colm Holland's The Secret of the Alchemist to be the perfect companion volume, and really it's essential to read Paulo's book first. It's not a big read - took me two days.  

Colm's book was released last week and is only slightly thicker than Paulo's, so it's a speedy read, albeit a very deep one, though it doesn't come across as quite the adventure of Paulo's book. It's at a more temporal level, because it's an autobiography as well as an objective critique of a book that's supposed to be fiction, though it feels very real, and almost Biblical.  

Looking back over the years, I'm starting to see how the cogs and wheels of alchemy connect with the cogs and wheels of our lives, and as for omens, well, that's a whole new (to some of us anyway) resource waiting to unfold.  I can also see the synchronicity involved in The Alchemist and Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone sharing the echelons of the world's most widely translated and most read books, while both having the philosopher's stone at their heart. They ooze triumph over adversity, which is what happens when we let ourselves be loved by the Soul of the world and trust in our destiny.  

I would thoroughly recommend all of these books, and am so glad their authors have laid all this magic before us.


Colm Holland said...

Thank you Jane for taking the time to review The Secret of The Alchemist. May omens and magic become a normal part of life as you continue your transformative journey. Blessings, Colm

Jane Mortimer said...

Aw, thanks Colm. I am the same age as you, born 7 years after the war, and it's taking me a long time to unravel my black/white/red times. We can't re-write our past, but at least we can unwrap it, have a good look and do it up neatly, and understand how we got to be where we are now - and where to go from here. I hope your book shoots into the bestsellers list. It certainly deserves to. Have a great life! Jane x