Thursday 10 September 2020

A Witch's Blessing in Cerise for My Local Bookshop

Yesterday I blessed my local bookshop. It was a remote spell, done in response to a chat on Twitter.

I follow Kirkdale Bookshop, in SE26, on Twitter. The other day I saw a tweet from @KirkdaleBooks that read:
"Decadent here with a question for any and all twitter witches/techno-pagans. What does a recurring dream in which a witch blesses the shop with cerise coloured dust signify? Have we been blessed on the astral plane or do we need a blessing ASAP?"
I had to respond: "Hi, I am a local witch. I'd be happy to bless your shop. BTW powdered rose petals would make a cerise powder and would be sacred to the goddess Aphrodite."

"How interesting (and makes a lot of sense actually)!!" was the reply, so I got to work. I have a big jar of dried rose petals and I ground them up with a pestle and mortar. I added some lavender and a little bark from a silver birch tree, to represent cleansing and new beginnings. All of these things came from my garden. I also put in a few drops of rose essential oil - and it smelled amazing!

As you can see in the photo above, I printed out a picture of the bookshop on paper, sprinkled the powdered potpourri mixture around in a circle and lit a red heart-shaped candle. While that was alight I asked the Goddess Aphrodite to bless the shop as the heart of the local community.

Kirkdale Bookshop is very much a community bookshop already. It is one of the oldest in South-East London and has hosted events, book signings, local artist exhibitions and a reading group plus children's story-time sessions, as well as having space for customers to browse and chill. It also stocks copies of the community book that I edited for Moon Books, Every Day Magic - A Pagan Book of Days.

The shop is at 272 Kirkdale, London SE26 4RS, near Sydenham station, and is currently open between 11am and 4pm, Monday to Saturday. You can find out more on the website:

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