Thursday 3 June 2021

Book: Pagan Portals: Artio and Artaios - Celtic Bear Gods

A great little book about pagan bear deities is due to be published later this month. It is called 
Pagan Portals: Artio and Artaios - A Journey Towards the Celtic Bear Gods. Author Andrew Anderson looks at archaeology, folklore and records of spiritual practice as well as his own personal findings to create a picture of who Artio and Artaois were and how they can be honoured today. I read a copy before it went to press and wrote this endorsement for it:
“Pagan Portals: Artio and Artaios is a superb exploration of bears in myth, legend and the natural world. It looks at ancient traditions and representations of bears in the modern world, including films, fiction and art. It is full of wonderful tales, inspiring interviews, and oodles of information. There’s information about bear festivals, and insights into the wider cultural significance of bears, such as the gay bear scene. The final chapter suggests practical ways to honour the goddess Artio and the god Artaios, including bear feasts. This is a book to curl up and enjoy in winter hibernation, as well as to learn from throughout the Bear Wheel of the Year.”
I think it must have been winter when I wrote that, with my comment about hibernation. With the Summer Solstice approaching and everyone getting out and about, I would add that it would also be a great book to read on a journey to some wonderful midsummer celebration, relaxing on a beach while on holiday, or pretty much anywhere and any time.

You can view Pagan Portals: Artio and Artaio on Amazon and on the website of publisher Moon Books.

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