Tuesday 10 November 2020

Card for the Day: Temperance - Magical Nordic Tarot

I drew a card for the day from a new tarot deck I've got. It was Temperance from the Magical Nordic Tarot. I'm going to be writing a full review of the Magical Nordic Tarot when I've tried it out a bit more, but this card seemed so appropriate that I'm blogging about it now. 

The card shows a woman dipping a foot into the waters of a lake, with her other foot on solid ground and the Northern Lights in the sky behind her. Her home is one one side, and a wild horse on the other. It represents the need for moderation and balance: balancing emotional needs with practicalities, and balancing our old life with our life that is yet to come. The key word on the card is "Harmony" and the book that comes with the deck says the card often appears when the pressures of life become heavy and the actions of others disrupt our peace:

"Whether it's cancelling plans in order to stay home, or simply taking a few days off to relax, it marks a time when healthy boundaries are key, and your wellbeing needs to come first."

It tells us to breathe deeply and try to stay calm in the face of unreasonable pressures and demands. Remember that this, too, will pass. The Magical Nordic Tarot has the theme of Norse legends, and the book reminds us of Odin's two ravens, Thought and Memory, which also represent the type of balance suggested by the Temperance card.

Temperance comes after Death in the major arcana of most tarot sets. Death has the message that one phase of life is ending, but a new phase is about to begin. I actually drew Death as the very first card I picked when I got this new deck. Considering what has been happening in the world, it seemed apt enough at the time. Now I've drawn Temperance (and yes, I shuffled the deck thoroughly by spreading the cards all over the table and mixing them around before picking). Temperance also seems exceptionally apt for the world as it is now, and what might come in the weeks ahead.

The Magical Nordic Tarot was created by Jayne Wallace and is published by Cico Books.


Jane said...

Book deadlines and Boris spring to mind! But it's all for the best.

Badwitch said...

Jane: Yes indeed!